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Clear Retractable Portable Sneeze Guard Shield for Desks, Offices and Open Spaces

Clear Retractable Portable Sneeze Guard Shield for Desks, Offices and Open Spaces
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This barrier combines the properties of safety and versatility, using transparent sneeze protection in a retractable roll-up system. The standing sneeze guard can be set up in a very short time. First, the base is taken out of the included transport bag. Then pull the transparent PET screen out of the base and secure it with the rod(s). The rod(s) is made of light-weight, strong aluminum material. Once the guard is set up, it can still be moved around and re-positioned easily. This is the perfect product when mobility and flexibility in protection are required. This retractable sneeze guard can protect you from sneezing, coughing or droplets. The thin PET plastic can reduce the transmission of germs and microorganisms via droplet infection. The barrier creates a large protective surface. In this way employees in the office, customers or service personnel can be ideally protected. Cleans easily with soap and water or any alcohol based cleaning products, including wipes. After use, the CLEAR PET banner can be reinserted into the base. The base and the rod for fixing are stowed in the spacious transport bag. The display can now be transported or stowed away to save space.

High quality retractable roll up PET plastic Sneeze Guard/Partition
Transportation bag included
Easy assembly and set up under 30 second
Easy cleaning using soap and water or alcohol-based cleaners
Clear PET Plastic: Clear and transparent foil as cough, splash and spit protection
Aluminum Base and Rod : Base and rod made entirely of aluminum in 3.8 kg silver


RES.100.210 at 39.4 x 82.7 in (100x210 cm)
RES.120.210 at 47.2 x 82.7 in (120x210 cm)
RES.150.210 at 59.1 x 82.7 in (150x210 cm)

Material: Aluminum Casing with Transparent PET

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