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Cell Phone & Electronics Displays

Cell Phone & Electronics Displays
Using modular acrylic panels, CNS Displays has developed several designs that provide unique next generation wallmount electronics and accessories displays. These versatile panels come in various sizes and finishes and are installed easily with our proven wall stainless steel standoff system either directly on to the wall or on a wooden panel of your desired finish which is wall mounted with Z-brackets.

The highly innovative and modern counter-top or wall-mount electronics and cell phone displays by CNS combines the latest in Intelligent display hardware technology and an ultra modern design to make a truly convincing statement in your retail store. The display with plug-in hybrid pins technology provides the performance of a functional modular system while bringing the latest product designs in to the forefront without any intrusive display design elements. Most of our cell phone displays systems can be assembled in minutes with minimal or no technical knowledge. Assembly videos can provide assistance if needed. For more information please call us at 877-274-9300.
The LINEAR LED shelves offer an elegant design and a visible light at the front edge of the shelves and at the bottom surface. This allows for illumination of underlying products perfectly. The shelves' surfaces are magnetic which allows for flexible and orderly positioning of magnetic displayers.
The basis of the LINEAR system is a simple extrusion, which is embedded horizontally into a wooden or acrylic panel. The system's Shelves have a built-in LED light at the bottom which illuminates underlying objects perfectly and elegantly.
B-TWEEN is the new shop design system with integrated LED backlighting for new product presentation! A rail system can be plugged in above or below with assembly elements and is being screwed for fixing. Even interspaces can be utilized optionally: Other display elements can be easily inserted.
Perfect for your precious high value products and accessories, merchandise is displayed and protected against theft and dust at the same time. The key advantage to this presentation unit is that after unlocking the display, only one product container is released at a time, leaving the others secured.
The innovative shop fitting system SCOPE offers maximum latitude for fitting and decorating shop windows or display areas. The system can be mounted onto the ceiling, floor or shop window platforms. The adapter can be easily and safely bolted to a previous mounted rail system.
Due to our LED CUBE with integrated LED illumination your goods will be highlighted perfectly. Thanks to many possible combinations innovative and attractive product presentations can be created.
The P.O.S.-system is available for horizontal and vertical mounting. This merchandising system offers maximum flexibility for wall and shop window displays. The P.O.S. bolt can be easily inserted into an acrylic glass panel or wooden plate.

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