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Retail Store Displays

Retail Store Displays
If you’re involved in the kind of commercial retail venture where the selling of goods is the mainstay of the business, you’ll no doubt be only too well aware of the importance of making an instant visual impact. Customers are rightfully drawn to those products which are presented in a convenient and eye catching fashion. And here at CNS Displays we have the necessary facilities, skills and experience to produce any freestanding and wall mounted retail store display which take the art of ‘attention grabbing’ to new heights. As a business, we have many years experience in this ever demanding sector and we take our role as a leading retail store display design manufacturer extremely seriously. Irrespective of whether a client comes to us to engineer one of their own concepts, or they want our highly skilled team of professionals to develop a display product on their behalf, we can be relied upon to deliver retail displays which are the last word in visual conceptualization. There’s no denying that business is extremely competitive these days, but with a little help from our highly experienced team, you should be able to stay one step ahead of the competition and meet those all important and indeed vital, sales targets.
Shoe Displays
Introducing the latest shoe display designs from Europe, and providing unique next generation retail solutions. Our The highly innovative and modern counter-top or wall-mount shoe displays by CNS combines the latest in Intelligent display hardware technology and an ultra modern design to make a truly convincing statement in your shoe retail store. Select materials, high-quality workmanship. CNS Design combines style with savvy extras.
Bag Displays
The highly innovative and modern counter-top or wall-mount bag and purse displays by CNS combines the latest in Intelligent display hardware technology and an ultra modern design to make a truly convincing statement in your bag retail store. The bag display with plug-in modular P.O.S technology provides the performance of a functional bag displays system while bringing the bag designs in to the forefront without any intrusive display design elements.
Cell Phone & Electronics Displays
Perfect design. CNS Displays meet the high expectations of demanding and educated audience in terms of expressive trends. Exquisite, high-tech material and finishing technologies and various state-of-the-art processes are indicative of this amazing cell phone and electronics collection. The exquisite high-tech displays. Clear, sharp, unmistakable. Timeless. Modern. Classic. Functional. Indispensable.
Sunglasses & Optical Displays
For over 10 years CNS Displays has specialized in high quality, designer sunglass and eyewear displays. We continuously develop and improve our products in order to offer contemporary, innovative solutions with optimum functionality. We provide a wide variety of displays for walls, counter top and Point-of-Purchase applications. Along with over 14000 individual clients worldwide, we provide solutions to stores in more than 20 countries.
Watch Displays
CNS Displays is the leader in design and manufacturing of innovative merchandising display solutions and furniture for the Retail Industry for over 10 years. Our team of specialized professionals is ready to provide services in planning, designing and producing a Retail Store of your dream. CNS Displays provides watch displays, modular retail displays and the latest merchandising innovations in the market.

Modular Retail Displays
Innovative modular retail display systems including retail display panels and product specific hardware, CNS Displays is in forefront of innovation within the retail store display providers in North America. CNS provides unique next generation display solutions. Product include shoe displays, bag displays, optical displays, etc.
Jewelry Displays
The new jewelry display Systems systematically continues the design tradition and features of the CNS brand. The elegant panels along with the warmth of wood create the effect of a modern but yet traditional beauty and conveys aesthetics and dynamics at first sight. Those looking for even higher aesthetics and design excellence will find just what they're longing in the Modular retail display system, including many extra accessory items...
Cosmetic & Beauty Salon Displays
CNS Display Systems offers the latest in modular retail display systems for cosmetics and beauty salons. These display system components are ideal for applications requiring interchangeable flexibility such as storefront and windows, retail signage and modular shelf systems.
Accessories Displays
Impress your visitors. Improve company morale. Or simply work in an environment that’s both uniquely beautiful and completely functional. CNS is introducing a line of accessories retail displays unmatched by any other ....
Store Design Services
We proudly provide complete retail design services utilizing the latest software technology in 3D. Our seasoned design team prepares a complete floor plan based on your provided information. This complete plan will represent a detailed diagram of your retail environment, utilizing the latest in cutting edge furniture and displays. In addition, traffic flow will be taken in consideration with all design projects.
Slatwall Displays
CNS Displays is the leading provider of slatwall displays, accessories and solutions in North America. We offer specialized and hard-to-find slatwall display parts for displaying eyewear, clothing, Jewelry, and many other retail products. The following two categories can be accessed by simply clicking on them:

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